10 Years Of The FTA Between Peru And The United States


Peru and the United States signed a Free Trade Agreement 10 years ago, and experts consider that it has favored the Peruvian economy with productivity growth, the arrival of direct investment from the US, tourism and more.

“According to a study by economists Nikita Céspedes, María Aquije, Alan Sánchez and Rafael Vera Tudela, the individual analysis of the FTA with the United States suggests that Peruvian companies that trade with this country are those that have improved productivity gains”, you can read in El Comercio.

This website also considers that international trade is one of the main ways that countries can access technology development that can increase the level of production.

“The exporters report an average gain of 3%, the importers an average gain of 8%; and those that export and import, one of 12% “, indicates the investigation, according to El Comercio.

Trade agreements also induce changes in companies’ productivity through three channels: competition that encourages them to be more efficient; access to intermediate and capital goods at lower costs, which allows them to absorb technology; and, exports, which select the most productive firms.

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