12 kids in Peru killed by rabid bats


The latest death of a child caused by a rabid bat was reported last Wednesday 1,100 kilometers away from Lima in Peru’s northernmost region, Loreto. The latest report confirms that at least 12 children in Peru have died from being bit by the winged creatures. The victims died between September and February and were between 8 and 15 years old.

Bats are known for biting in places such as the fingers, ears and noses. The symptoms start to show after a week or 15 days of having been bit.

“From the symptoms and medical reports it was determined that the 12 children from the Achuar ethnic group died from an outbreak of wild rabies,” Hernan Silva, the regional health official, told AFP according to “Yahoo News.”:http://news.yahoo.com/rabid-bats-kill-12-children-peru-141425919.html “The victims were bitten by blood-sucking bats, animals that drink blood, in the Yankunitch and Uncun communities in the jungle.”

According to Silva, previous deaths had not been reported due to local beliefs “the death of these children was due to witchcraft” (teleSUR).

Anibal Velasquez, Peru’s health minister, stated that the government announced a health emergency to get medical aid to the region fast. Vaccination teams where then sent urgently to the region.