10 Ways To Go Local In Peru


When traveling we seek to enjoy the best possible experience. Today, travelers are more curious, adventurous and eager to absorb everything that a destination has to offer.

Peru has a wonderful and mesmerizing culture, with strong roots and amazing mixtures that have combined in the same territory, offering an invaluable variety of customs.

1. Lima Markets

Lima hosts markets with its own charm that extends across several blocks, offering an unimaginable variety of products and local ingredients to nourish even the most demanding kitchen.

Locations: Surquillo – Barranco – San Isidro – Chorrillos

2. Local Restaurants

Lima is a city with abundant taverns, those places of a popular character that only neighborhoods have, where you can always find a familiar face among dishes and drinks.

Locations: Isolina – Queirolo – El Chinito – Don Bigote – Canta Rana

3. Experience food prepared by a Peruvian Chef

Be treated to a magnificent experience when you enjoy the food prepared by Peruvian chef Ignacio Barrios, who has worked in restaurants in various countries.

Visit the San Isidro market and then take part in a participatory cuisine class specialized in Peruvian food. Then, join a workshop, where you will be taught to prepare the traditional ceviche [marinated fish]and Lomo Saltado (sautéed beef strips).

4. Surf at Punta Hermosa and lunch at Canta Rana

Surf in one of the best-known beaches south of Lima and then enjoy a wonderful lunch filled with seafood delights at a local restaurant.

Duration: 5 hours
Suggested Starting time: 8 am
Tour operates: Daily

5. Bike & Food Tour

Ride a bike across the beautiful coastline of Lima and discover some of its districts, beaches, the fisherman’s market, street art and delicious local dishes, ending in a brewery to enjoy a local craft beer.

Duration: 5 hours
Suggested Starting time: 10:30 am
Tour operates: Daily

6. Visit Art Galleries Pallas, Dédalo & Puna

Art in Peru has always been alive. Throughout its three regions, hundreds of artists create amazing works that seek to be seen. Luckily, the art scene in Lima has grown; opening more crafts galleries and art in general to expose such treasures.

Dédalo: Open from Mon to Sat.
Puna: Open from Tue to Sun.
Pallas: Open from Mon to Sat.

7. Galleries and museums

Lima has a lot of museums and galleries, where you can find beautiful pieces from modern art to traditional designs, which reveal the impressive Peruvian history and its fascinating culture. All are open from Tues to Sun.
Recommended Museums: Museo Pedro de Osma, MATE, MALI

8. Víctor Delfín

Visit the house and workshop of Víctor Delfín, a famous local artist in the bohemian district of Barranco.

Open from Mon to Sun.

9. Visit artisans in Lurin and Peruvian Paso horses in Pachacamac

Discover the talent of the artisans of Lurin, south of Lima, followed by a delicious lunch accompanied by an elegant demonstration of beautiful Peruvian Paso horses.

Duration: 7 hours
Suggested Starting time: 8 am
Tour operates: From Tues to Sun.

10. Callao district

Discover the Real Felipe Fortress, fantastic local street art and the main “huariques” in the traditional district of Callao.

Duration: 4 hours Suggested
Starting time: Morning
Tour operates: Daily

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Diego Oliver is a Peruvian writer and author whose work can be found in the travel magazine Ultimate Journeys. He loves to focus on Peruvian culture both modern and classic, traveling the country, as well as social responsibility.