15 wounded in shoe factory fire in Lima, Peru


The fire that raged at the Independencia shoe factory Industrias Manrique yesterday resulted in 15 injuries, reports Andina news agency.

According to Andina, most of the injured were employes of Industrias Manrique, who were inside the building when the fire started. One woman suffered burns on one of her hands, while another sustained damage from inhaling smoke and toxic fumes from equipment and material burning in the factory. Andina reports that they were taken to Cayetano Heredia Hospital.

Further injuries were sustained by members of the neighborhood safety personnel (serenazgo) from the districts of San Martín de Porres and Independencia. According to Andina, the affected personnel had arrived in the area in order to assist with evacuation and provide security.

Also mentioned by multiple news sources were two pregnant women who showed signs of damage from smoke inhalation. However, Andina reports that the two women were treated and released, and and not believed to have suffered any lasting harm.

Andina also writes that Industrias Manrique was operating as an unlicensed enterprise and did not have the required civil defense certificate. It took firefighters more than three hours to contain the fire.

The fire was likely the product of a short circuit caused by an overheated machine, reports Andina. Authorities say the factory operated without a license or civil defense certificate.



Rachel Chase

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