17 American Countries Band Together against Venezuela

(Photo: Peru21)

Chancellors from 17 American countries signed the Declaration of Lima denouncing Venezuela’s government at a meeting in Peru’s capital city.

Venezuela’s recent constitutional assembly was accused by many as a power grab for incumbent President Nicolas Maduro.  In response, Peru called a regional meeting in the capital city of Lima which took place this past Wednesday.

No less than 17 American countries were represented at the meeting: among them Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

Reuters reports that the 17 chancellors denounced Venezuela for the breaking of democratic order through a “systematic violation of human rights and fundamental liberties, violence, repression and political persecution, the existence of political prisoners and the lack of free elections.”

The chancellors also signed an agreement which stated that the countries do not recognize the constitutional assembly of President Nicolas Maduro.

Among the 16 points in the agreement are support for sanctions against Venezuela including an agreement with their removal from MERCOSUR, a call to detain the transfer of military weaponry to the country, and commitments to follow up on the situation in Venezuela with additional and urgent action, according to Peru 21.




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