2040: The Moche apocalypse?


The Maya were wrong, and the Moche might well provide the next frightful prophecy.

As journalist Roberto Ochoa, editor of the book Cosmos Moche, explains, the “tema complejo murals” in the Cao Viejo and Luna pyramids reveal a particular alignment of five planets, which occurred on September 11th in the year 750 A.D. “Perhaps they thought that when this phenomenon occurred again, it would be the end of the world. This phenomenon will be repeated. It will be in the year 2040,” says Ochoa, without batting an eyelid.

Beyond apocalyptic predictions, however, what is certain is that the book includes two studies that shed light on these murals, considered the “Rosetta Stone of the Moche world.”

Trying to provide an answer for the enigmatic iconography found there, anthropologist Rodolfo Sánchez Garrafa investigates the representation of the cosmos in the Moche murals, while archaeologists Camilo Dolorier Torres and Lyda Casas Salazar explore the rites, movement to the sacred and the search for equilibrium among the Moche. They propose that among the supposed chaos of the figures on the murals, there are indicators of the El Niño phenomenon. The publication, therefore, seeks to fill in the interpretive holes and explain the chronology of the Moche civilization, whose mysterious disappearance is attributed many to a “Mega El Niño” that would have made the one that struck in 1983 look like nothing.

The greatest enigma of the Moche? According to the editor: “This mural, which could have been a map of the cosmos, of the order of the world. Once they discover the message of the mural, it will be about the end of the world, and someone will make a movie about it. I envy how well the Maya are marketed. I would love to be in PromPerú and market the Moche.”

So, for those who did not manage to prepare for the end of the world, don’t worry: there’s still another one. You have 28 years. Tick tock.

Journalist Roberto Ochoa says that the ancient Moche could have marked the year 2040 as the end of the world.