3 albums recommended by José Velásquez


When we asked José Velásquez what one song makes him just want to break out and dance, the creator of production company and agency Veltrac insisted that he doesn’t dance.

I guess its ironic for being a drummer…but I’m not a big fan of dancing,’ José told _Living in Peru_, though he continued to admit that he could be persuaded if it was music that I really like.

So, what does one of Lima’s top promoters in the music biz consider the best from Peru’s wide and varied sound scene? Turn it up:

Kanaku y El Tigure
Album: _Quema Quema Quema_

José says: This is great, fun music. Cool style…cool vibe…and their new record is amazing. It’s very original, unlike anything that has come out of Peru before.

_(Video: Youtube/Hola TOURISTA)_

Dengue Dengue Dengue
All of their music

José says: I just think they’re extremely talented. They do a very fresh approach to electronic music mixed with some Peruvian or Latin American elements that sound great. I think they are easily our best Peruvian contemporary band for exportation.

Watch Dengue Dengue Dengue’s latest video here

The creator of Veltrac chooses 3 national artists whose albums are worthy of mention.



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