3 More Myths About Machu Picchu


Yesterday we shared with you three myths related to the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu, and today we will complete the list with three more!

Many people wonder if this construction is so old, how has it managed to stay well preserved for so long? “The Inca walls and buildings of Machu Picchu are practically intact except for the roofs, which over the years and the abundant rains have been disappearing”, 24 Horas said.

As for the construction in general, experts say they have remained preserved because of the techniques the Incas used to build. The use of a drainage system has also contributed to the conservation of the area, keeping the citadel area intact.

The second myth is related to the belief that “at one point in history, Machu Picchu came to be considered a lost city. It is true?”, said 24 Horas, also clarifying that the city was never lost, neither was it a secret refuge.

“That it was a lost city is a myth,” said the historian Donato Amado from Cusco. “At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the myth was compelling. in Cusco people spoke about the ‘golden city’ where the Inca treasure had to be hidden somewhere”.

The final myth has to do with the thought that Machu Picchu is at risk of disappearing. “Some press reports say that climate change and the excess of tourists could make Machu Picchu disappear and that ‘it is degrading at a rate never before seen’”, the aforementioned media said.

Nevertheless, Amado believes that it is just a myth and that, even though there are thousands of tourists that visit each year, the citadel is not at risk of disappearing.

“The people of Cusco, the Peruvian state and the world have the most serious responsibility to keep this world heritage alive.”

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