4 British Lads Play A Guessing Game with Peruvian Food (VIDEO)

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Can you name all these Peruvian staples by their photo? Play the food game with these guys and find out.

Do you know what cacao looks like?  Or how about grenadine?  See how these fellows do as they try to guess the images of food staples that every Peruvian knows…

During the quick 6-minute video, the 4 British guys try a whole bunch of Peru’s classic foods and drinks.  After guessing, they taste and react to every product shown.

In the grand finale, they try chicha morada and of course, pisco.  Why?

Because “pisco es peruano!”

We bring you this video courtesy of SORTEDfood Youtube Channel.

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Mike Dreckschmidt

Mike grew up and eventually attended university in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He graduated in Integrative Leadership Studies with an emphasis in Urban and Regional Planning and has been a part of planning projects in three different countries. Mike’s passion is reading; he devours both literature and nonfiction. His favorite author is Peru’s own Julio Ramón Ribeyro.