4 Healthy Snacks to Eat this Summer


Heading to the beach or just on the go and want to take some healthy snack options with you?

Below we have compiled a list of 4 snacks that you may like to take along with you wherever you go.

Mixed nuts:

A portion of nuts (20 pieces) is a great source of fiber and a healthy snack to munch on during your days at the beach or when you’re hanging around looking for something to eat.


Hard-boiled eggs are super rich in protein and are a low-calorie snack at approx. 78 calories (1 large egg). An egg or two is the perfect little snack to eat at the beach or even in your office in the morning. A vegan alternative to this could be cooked or raw chickpeas!

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Rice cakes:

Ditch the bread and grab some rice cakes. Depending on which brand, rice cakes usually contain somewhere around 35 calories and are delicious to eat with a tablespoon of peanut butter and banana slices (add a little bit of honey if you are looking for a smart dessert alternative).


Fruits are always an easy snack to bring along with you but choose wisely as not all fruits are low in calories. Apples are a good choice for instance because they only have 52 calories, watermelon is an even better snack at 30 calories (100 grams), bananas being one of the highest at 89 is still a good snack in moderation and lastly, blueberries are the perfect to go size at 57 calories (100 grams). Do be mindful, however, of the natural sugar intake. Most fruits are best to be enjoyed before 12 in the afternoon, with berries being the exception. 

What snacks would you recommend to take along with you this summer?

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Natasha Clay

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