500 Indigenous Artifacts Return to Peru


Ceramics, textiles, and objects made out of stone and wood have finally returned home after being recovered from several countries.

For several centuries, hundreds of looted artifacts have been missing from Peru and they have finally made it back home.

Telesur TV explained that almost 500 items have been recovered from Argentina, Mexico, the United States and the United Kingdom and have been returned to Peru’s Cultural Ministry.

“Many of the cultural treasures – made of ceramics, textiles, stone, and wood – date back to before the era of Spanish colonization and originate from ancient Indigenous groups such as the Lambayeque, Sican, Sipan, Chimu, Chancay, Nazca and Inca”, they wrote.

Regarding this topic, Alejandro Neyra, cultural minister, said that the majority of the artifacts were stolen and smuggled across the borders.

Among the recovered items there are two paintings from a series entitled “The Creation of the World and the Universal Deluge: ‘The Sacrifice of Cain and Abel”, and “The Universal Deluge.”, Telesur TV informed.

Neyra also said that some of the pieces will be sent to large exhibitions abroad, while others will remain in the country to be exhibited in the soon-to-be-built museum Pachacamac.

“Possible designs for the new museum will be presented in May, with construction due to begin sometime this year in honor of Peru’s bicentennial anniversary, the minister said.”, as you can read on the Telesur TV website.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia Commons)

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