559 swimmers already rescued this year off Lima coast


The Salvage Unit of the National Police reported having saved already 559 swimmers from the Lima coastline this year.

In addition to rescuing hundreds of Lima swimmers, lifeguards in Peru reported three deaths by drowning, which took place in León Dormido and Chilca beaches.

Head of the Salvage Unit, Aldo Félix Chang Morales, reported that of the total saves, 127 were minors and 75% were males.

The busiest beaches for rescues thus far have been San Pedro and Arica, Morales told Andina news agency. A large number of residents of Villa El Salvador and southern districts of Lima attend both beaches. However, people often come drunk and do not follow the precautions, especially boys, said Morales.

As for safe locations to avoid drowning, Morales gave a somewhat surprising answer. While many may think its safest to be nearest to the lifeguard stand, think again.

These people perhaps think they are safer if they are located very close to us. He explained, sometimes we run on chairs, umbrellas and clothing to reach our goal.

Morales advises that beach-goers leave the pathway open in front of the lifeguard posts for rescuers to reach the ocean for a quick save. In addition to picking a smart location to help the lifeguards and be a smart beach-goer, lifeguards ask that alcohol not be consumed. Alcohol has been one of the primary reasons for the need for rescues or even fatalities. Peruvian lifeguards have had their hands busy this summer.