6.1 Earthquake Startles Central Peru

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The earthquake caused panic, power outages, and a rockslide but no other damages reported.

On Sunday, several cities in Peru were affected by a 6.1 magnitude earthquake.

With an epicenter near the city of La Merced in Junín, Central Peru, the seismic movement caused some panic and power outages.  There were no reported deaths or damages.

The quake also caused a rockslide which temporarily blocked a connecting road between 3 cities, according to one source.

Additionally: another earthquake hit Peru’s coast last Friday, resulting in 1 death, informs News 24.

The Sunday earthquake was felt in some isolated parts of Lima’s outskirts.

While nowhere near the same impact, this seismic event occurred close to today’s 10-year “anniversary” of an earthquake (August 15, 2007) in Pisco which took many lives, caused serious damages, and was felt even throughout the capital city of Lima.

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