6 Peruvian Fruits Everyone Should Try if You Haven’t Already


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Summer is in full motion in Peru and the best feeling in the world is biting into one of Peru’s many delicious and fresh fruits.

Below I have compiled a list of 6 fruits that everyone should try at least once!

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1.  Lúcuma 

Green on the outside and a nice creamy orange-gold on the inside, this Peruvian fruit not only comes from the Andes of Peru, but they are also found in Chile and Ecuador. The most popular ways to consume this delicious fruit is ice cream, desserts and in drinks such as smoothies. Lucuma is also high in iron and fiber, and can also be found as powder substance.

2. Tuna 

No, not the fish, there is an actual fruit in Peru called tuna also commonly known as the prickly pear or opuntia. These round fruits are found on top of cacti pads and have small thorns, so consumers beware.

3. Aguaymanto

Goldenberry or cape gooseberry are two other names given to this small round cherry tomato-like fruit. Found in tropical areas of Peru and Chile, aguaymantos are great snacks on the go and taste particularly good in salads.

(Photo: Produce Art/Facebook)

4. Pitaya

Low in calories with a nice mild flavor, Pitaya has many beautiful colors and can be found throughout the Americas. It’s also known as dragon fruit and has a similar flavor to kiwi. If you’re on the hunt for some Pitaya try your local market or if you’re in Miraflores the Mercado de Surquillo #1 is bound to have some.

(Photo: Mis Remedios Caseros/Facebook)

5. Guanabana

Green on the outside and creamy white on the inside, Guanabana is also known as Soursop. This popular fruit is perfect for making juices and ice cream. It is also thought to have cancer healing properties and is rich in minerals and vitamin C.

6. Granadilla

This goopy and sweet fruit has a hard shell that is easy to crack before getting to the good stuff. Though its inside is loaded with seeds, this doesn’t stop anyone from enjoying its sweet nectar -and the crunchy seeds for that matter! Some other popular ways to enjoy granadilla other than just using a spoon is by extracting the pulp for juice and also enjoying it in ice cream like most of these popular Peruvian fruits.

What are some of your favorite Peruvian fruits? Comment below, we would love to hear from you!

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