7 Out of Every 10 Peruvians Access Social Networks at Work


Technology advances and social networks are now part of some Peruvian professional daily routines as well.

According to a survey carried out by Aptitus, 70% of workers in Peru have access to social networks in their current work positions while the other 30% have it forbidden or blocked from their workstations. It is also worth mentioning that 84% of these workers who can access social networks during their working hours, use it to interact with their colleagues, clients, and bosses while the other 16% only use it as a way to entertain themselves when they are on their breaks.

Thanks to this survey it was possible to see that there is a large percentage of professionals who can use social networks at work, but only 53% of them know that their company has an internal policy of use, which is why it is of utmost importance that companies in Peru become aware of the need to establish a manual or guide so that their workers know what they are allowed to post, without, of course, affecting the right to express themselves.

On the other hand, as for the reasons why workers believe that in their company the use of social networks is forbidden, 58% of respondents said that the main reason is that it may work as a distraction, 24% for low productivity and 18% for information security issues.

Regarding the relationship between social networks and job offerings, 80% said that they are a useful and effective tool when looking for a job, while 20% do not consider them as effective. For its part, 70% would hire staff through social networks and 30% would use other channels.

Do you check your social networks at work or use them to advance the workplace?

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