76% Of Homes In Peru Are Privately Owned


The National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI) announced that according to the results of the National Census 2017, there are 10,102,849 private homes in the country, which means an increase of 33.5% compared to 2007, a figure that translates into 2,536,707 additional homes in a decade.

El Peruano informed that the average annual growth rate in the intercensal period (2007-2017) was 2.9%. This is according to the PERU document: Characteristics of private homes and households – Access to Basic Services, presented by the INEI.

“According to the condition of tenure of the houses, 76% (5,853,091) homes are privately owned, 16.3% (1,256,520) rented and 7.7% (589,289) are homes transferred by the work center, for another home or institution, among others”, said El Peruano.

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