9 People Died In Peru After Consuming A Dinner Served At A Funeral


Nine people died of apparent food poisoning after consuming a dinner served after a funeral in southeastern Peru, according to the authorities.

Jhon Tinco, health director of the Ayacucho region, told local radio station RPP that the cases of alleged poisoning occurred after attendees ate a meat dish on Monday and had a drink made from fermented corn known locally as ‘chicha”, said Listín Diario yesterday.

Tinco added that there is an ongoing investigation to determine if any ingredient with which the food was prepared was decomposed.

Those affected by the alleged poisoning were taken to the medical center of the Pausa district in the southeast of Ayacucho, where they later died.

The health director also informed that other 20 people manifested having stomach pains and vomiting after eating the alleged poisoned food, but are already out of danger.

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