9 Places to Explore in Barranco Lima’s Artsy District


The brightly colored buildings and graffiti-covered walls of Lima’s Barranco district are going to offer the visitors a welcome respite from the grey skies of the city.

Home to some of the most famous artists of Peru, this neighborhood is commonly referred to as the bohemian district of Lima. This barrio dates back to the 19th century when it was created as a seaside destination for the noblemen of Lima.

The Barranco streets are lined with palm trees and grand colonial buildings many of which are now converted into bars, shops, restaurants, and galleries.

Places to Visit

El Piselli

This century-old bar located in the heart of the barrio serves a variety of wines, chilled beer, and tapas. If you are lucky you’d be able to enjoy your drinks to the accompaniment of live music.

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MATE is a museum which is entirely dedicated to the work of Mario Testino a famous photographer from Peru. Works by other renowned photographers are also displayed from time to time.

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The Dining Room at Hotel B

If you don’t mind splurging a bit then head straight to this chic boutique hotel located inside of a baroque Belle Epoque estate. This fine restaurant which is run by the celebrity chef Oscar Verde serves contemporary Peruvian and Mediterranean dishes although it comes with the feel of a café in Berlin.

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Dedalo Arte

This space for the exhibition which used to be the first artist’s hub of the barrio would be the perfect place to shop your souvenirs from. Here you will find boutique home décor items, garments workshop, and a fascinating open-air café.

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Barranco Beer Company

A superb place to sample local beer and tasty snacks, this is one of the numerous craft breweries which have sprung up all over Lima in the last couple of years. Mostly frequented by the college crowd, Barranco Beer Company is a cute spot to while away the lazy afternoons.

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Dada Restobar

This bar-cum-restaurant is notable for its imposing 19th-century décor and the lovely cocktails it serves. If you are looking forward to getting a glimpse of Lima’s artsy crowd then a visit to the Dada Restobar is an absolute must.

Cede Galeria

Barranco is a neighborhood which is crammed with plenty of art galleries where you can spend hours perusing the lovely creations of Peruvian (not necessarily) artists. Cede Galeria is a spacious gallery showcasing the arts and sculptures of various artists.

Cala Restaurant

Located on the coast of the Pacific, Cala with its beautiful patio would provide you with the perfect ambiance for a memorable dine-out. While you are enjoying your food and drink, you’ll be able to see the deep blue ocean with the surfers crashing into the waves. While you are at it, make sure to order the conchitas Parmesan and the fresh tiraditos.

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Puente de Los Suspiros

One of the most visited tourist destinations in the neighborhood, The Bridge of Sighs is just a little walk from the main square of Barranco. The otherworldly view of the bridge is reminiscent of a Disney movie set and it is not surprising that this bridge is often thought to be as one of the most romantic settings in the entire country.

(Main Cover Photo: Puente de Los Suspiros/Free Domain)

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