Act of kindness: A student protects a dog in Huancayo


A student from Huancayo has moved thousands by her act of kindness which was thankfully photographed and thus shared worldwide on Facebook.

The minor is captured using her own uniform to shield and dry a dog whose fur was soaked from the rain. She is also photographed hugging the dog to keep it warm. This act of kindness occurred in Huancayo, a region of Junín.

Social media users have praised the acts of the student from the Complejo Educativo Ingeniería (an engineering school located in Huancayo). She has also been praised by many university students that have shared the post.

“Values come from the house and from school, we feel proud of you,” was one message the center of education in the post of Memes FIS UNCP, managed by the students of the National University of Central Peru (UNCP).

The post was shared more than 400 times. Friends and classmates of the minor tagged her in the photo to share their congratulations. “I don´t know what to say,” was the simple answer from the student.