Advice: Should I cover my tattoos at an interview?


If you have a job interview and do not know what your future boss might think about your tattoo (or tattoos) you should probably consider the following points:

1. A tattoo is something you should be proud of. Therefore you should not hide it, it’s part of your life and probably means something to you.

2. No company or contractor should ever place his/her disagreement with tattoos over your capacity for the position. Still, there are some jobs that can have very strict policies with this issue, especially when it comes to customer service.

3. Careers that have to do with creativity, technology, media and advertising tend to be more open and encouraging with the subject of tattoos.

4. During an interview, the interviewer should be trying to out if you are absolutely qualified for the position; meanwhile it is your time to assess whether you really want this position.

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5. Your interviewer, legally, should not ask any personal questions. And you should avoid disclosing that you hate waking up before 9 a.m. or that you’ll do anything to be on time for your 5 p.m. Pilates class. Create a good impression that goes beyond a tattoo, so that this will not make a difference when they have to make a decision (even if the ink is not to the liking of your interviewer).

6. If your interviewer argues that he/she does not personally approve of tattoos, this only means that this is not the right work environment for you.

7. Whether you feel comfortable with yourself, with tattoos on the skin or not, will be reflected in the interview and that’s what matters most.Can showing your tattoos at an interview cause you to lose a job opportunity?