After a long fight, Romina Cornejo, girl injured from Aug. 2010 armed robbery, passes away


In 2010, three-year-old Romina Cornejo was in the car of her grandparents on the Via Espresa when they were assaulted by thieves who had followed them.

Cornejo’s grandfather, an money-exchanger, had US$ 5,000 on him and was targeted by two men.

During the robbery, one of the thieves shot the car to intimidate them, striking the spine of Cornejo. Today, after years of fighting for her life, the young girl’s lawyer confirmed via her “Twitter account”:https://twitter.com/rmirandam/status/695289006922317829/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw that she had died.

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After the incident, it was announced that the injury had left her quadriplegic and had created irreversible damage. To find the best treatments for her condition, she traveled around the world until settling in the United States.

Her lawyer, Jorge Pastrana, informed that Cornejo had respiratory system problems, according to “RPP Noticias”:http://rpp.pe/lima/actualidad/nina-romina-cornejo-fallecio-tras-seis-anos-de-lucha-noticia-935336?ref=rpp. And, that she had been improving recently, she was even going to school.

In 2013, a criminal court sentenced attack



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