Agreement reached to restore San Sebastián Temple


The district of San Sebastián and the Credit Bank of Peru (BCP) signed an agreement to restore the historic church of San Sebastián, in Cusco, which was nearly destroyed by a fire last September.

p=. Fire in Cusco consumes San Sebastian temple

This initiative will be done through tax compensations and will demand an investment of S/ 12 million, which will be used for the reconstruction of the infrastructure, ceilings and the restoration of the altar. Similarly, the plan includes the remodeling of the district’s main square, where the temple is located.

On December 1, Vice Minister of Cultural Heritage, Ana Castillo, considered the project presented by the commune and the BCP to be “technically viable.” The mayor of San Sebastián explained that now only the district council needs to approve the project.

BCP officials explained that, after approval of the investment and the technical specs of the project are finalized, the project could begin in approximately 90 days.
Back in September, a fire destroyed 80% of the church.



Alvaro Tassano