Agricultural Sector Generates 1 of every 4 Formal Jobs in Peru


The director of the World Bank for Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela, Alberto Rodríguez, said that the agricultural sector in the Inca country grew at a rate of 3.3% in the last decade and that it generates one of every four formal jobs.

El Peruano informed that this is one of the main conclusions of the book “Taking an impulse in Peruvian agriculture. Opportunities to increase productivity and improve the competitiveness of the sector”, presented yesterday by the multilateral entity.

This book shows that agriculture has a great participation in the generation of formal employment, according to El Peruano. It also mentions that the agricultural sector in Peru also contributes to informal employment, particularly with the growth of the family farming business.

According to Rodríguez, agriculture not only contributes to the economic growth of the country but also to its productive diversification by generating more jobs of better quality. “All this has turned agriculture into one of the pillars of the fight against poverty in Peru.”, he said to El Peruano.

Rodríguez added that the World Bank currently supports Peruvian agriculture with resources of $200 million dollars.

Today we continue to finance this sector and we do it through two credits. One of them is the National Agrarian Innovation Program (PNIA) and the other is the Integrated Water Resources Management Program; each for $80 million dollars. In addition, we have just closed an investment of $40 million dollars in the Allies program”, Rodríguez informed as well.

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