AHORA Huaral Announces the Fifth Festival of Chancho Al Palo

(Photo: Rivera Restaurante/ Facebook)

The Chancho Festival expects an attendance of about 30 thousand people, between visitors from Lima and Norte Chico.

The event will take place from October 13th to October 15th.

The president of the Association of Hotels, Restaurants, and Allies in Huaral (AHORA), Rosa Elena Balcazar announced the Fifth Festival of the Chancho Al Palo in which is expected the attendance of about 30 thousand people.

The traditional event to be held at the Las Dalias Complex in Huaral has confirmed the presence of 50 exhibitors, 30 of these come from the gastronomic category and the rest are services and institutions from private sectors and some from the state.

Rosa Elena Balcazar stated that in this edition all restaurants would be required to prepare “Chancho Al Palo” in order to celebrate the transcendence and traditional value of this dish.

Along with the varied and delicious food, attendees will also be able to enjoy art shows, modern and traditional music and many other attractions.

A colorful opening ceremony is also expected with a presentation of the Horses of Paso de Huaral.

To Italy or Spain

On the other hand, Rosa Elena Balcázar revealed that in 2018, there is a chance that “Chancho Al Palo” will have representatives from Italy and Spain. She said that 2 invitations are being evaluated and at the festival at least one of them will attend.




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