Alan García Denies Close Relationship with Odebrecht


Former president Alan García alleged that he only received and traveled with executives from the Brazilian company because it promoted investments.

Controversy triggered by Odebrecht’s case and its possible relationship with important politicians in Peru is not a new thing. President PPK has had publicly communicate his position that he had no relation with Odebrecht.

This time, before the Lava Jato Commission, Alan Garcia apologized for government officials who received bribes, but steadfastly denied any kind of close relationship Odebrecht. He argued that his relationship with those who managed the company, which included several visits and trips, was functional for his work in the country.

He also mentioned that he has never visited the home of Marcelo Odebrecht or the place where he lives in Brazil. Garcia said that all the trips he did with Jorge Barata, former Odebrecht chief in Peru were formal to inaugurate works. In addition, he delivered a list of meetings he had with Marcelo Odebrecht and Barata and rejected that one lasted six hours, as indicated by a commission document.

He attributed several appointments to the formation of a patronage in favor of the National Theater, in addition to promoting works.

It is worth mentioning that Keiko Fujimori has also been mentioned in this controversy, due to messages found in Odebrecht’s cell phone.

Do you think there will be more politicians under suspicion of being involved with Odebrecht?

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