Alejandro Neyra is the New Minister of Culture


One of the consequences derived from the “domino effect” started by the decision of President PPK to grant a humanitarian for the former President Alberto Fujimori was the resignation of the old minister, Salvador Solar.

Salvador Solar’s resignation was only one of many. However, the position del Solar was in charge of is now occupied by the Director of the National Library of Peru, Alejandro Neyra. 

Neyra mentioned during an interview that he will try to boost the construction of public spaces dedicated to the cultural growth, spaces where debates and discussions can take place in order to promote communication with each other.

“Culture can be used to find points of conjunction between two people with different points of view.”

This is what Neyra mentioned when he was asked about the humanitarian pardon granted to former President Alberto Fujimori. Pardon, that gave place to many protests throughout the whole country.

Among his former education and preparation for the position, it is worth mentioning that Neyra studied literature in the National Major University of San Marcos in 2001 and he also studied law in the Pontific Catholic University of Peru in 1998. It is worth mentioning that these two are ranked among the best universities in the country.

Moreover, he has a Master in diplomatics and another one in international services, this last one studied in the American University based in Washington D.C. Neyra has also written 2 books: Peruanos Ilustres (Illustrious Peruvians) in 2005, Peruvians Do It Better in 2007.

Do you agree with the new minister? Do you think cultural spaces should unite people regardless of their political position?

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