Almenara Hospital: Cusco Doctor Gave Birth to Quadruplets

(Photo by La Republica)

The young mother, who had a high-risk pregnancy, was taken to Guillermo Almenara’s Hospital where she gave birth to her four children. 

The children were born with an average weight of 850 grams each and will remain in the Intensive Care Unit.

José Calderón and Milagros Arriles are the doctors from Cusco who went through the shock of knowing that they were going to be the parents of four children. However, the couple also realized that this pregnancy was high risk and was not able to be attended to by the doctors in the hospital at Cusco, and had to move to the Guillermo Almenara’s National Hospital.

This last Sunday the woman gave birth to her children at Guillermo Almenara’s hospital, through a caesarean section also considered as high risk. Gabriel Del Castillo, executive president of EsSalud, said the babies were born normally and are now being treated in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit. This hospital is part of the ones that saw their working schedule extended last year.

“Our neonatal ICU is fully equipped. Less than 10 days ago we inaugurated the new environments of this unit with latest generation equipment,” he said. It was reported that three girls and one boy were born with an average weight of 850 grams each; this birth is considered the first case of multiple births this year. Latest generation equipment as well as precautions in case of earthquakes are some of the changes Peruvian hospitals are going through.

It is important to mention that the babies were born at 28 weeks of gestation, so they have had to be cared for in incubators to reach the appropriate weight and maturity. However, the status of the newborns is known to be favorable.

Do you think two doctors earn enough money to raise 4 children at the same time? How do you think they can distribute their time?

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