Amazon River tourists to benefit from new Peruvian river police


Peruvian authorities are taking steps to make sure tourists on the Amazon River are kept safe.

According to Andina news agency, the regional president of the Amazonian región of Loreto, Yvan Vasquez, told press that new patrols will be established on the river with the goal of protecting passengers on cruises.

“The police have strengthened their work in the Amazon River, creating aquatic patrols, as well as making arrangements to preserve the safety of the tourist ships,” Vasquez told Andina.

According to Andina, the creation of aquatic patrols is part of a much broader push to improve tourism infrastructure in the Amazon region. “They’re investing in the construction of ships in Brazil, because we don’t have enough shipyards, but there’s a world-famous cruise that takes tourists from Manaus to Iquitos, and then they return to their countries via air,” explained Vasquez.

The regional president told Andina that “In these last few years, we’ve seen the arrival of visitors from England, Asia, and the United States, that have good economic situations and who go for luxury tourism on the Amazon River. In this area, there’s progressive, strong, growing investment, and it’s a niche that still has a lot to give.”Peruvian law enforcement authorities are implementing river patrols to protect tourists partaking in the area’s famous luxury cruises



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