Amazonian Rivers Increased Their Water Level Due to Rainfall


The rivers Marañón, Amazonas, Huallaga, and Ucayali show an upward trend due to rains in recent days.

The rivers mentioned above now have an ascending tendency as a result of rains that have been occurring in the last few days in the Peruvian jungle, informed the Center of Operations of National Emergency (COEN)

One of them is the Amazon River, which today reached 110.66 meters above the sea level at the H-Enapu Peru station. The previous day it was reported to be 110.46 meters above the sea level.

Likewise, the frequency of rainfall in the jungle caused the Huallaga River to report this morning 130.40 meters above the sea level at the H-Yurimaguas station of the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology of Peru (Senamhi), a figure higher than yesterday, where it reached 130.30 meters above the sea level.

The Ucayali River also recorded an increase in its water level. Yesterday it reached 120.08 meters above the sea level, while today it reported 120.39 meters above the sea level at the H-Requena station.

Finally, at the H-San Lorenzo station, the Marañón river reached 127.07 meters above the sea level while on the eve, at the same station, had registered 126.85 meters above the sea level. 

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(Photo: El Comercio)

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