Ancient petroglyphs discovered in northern Peru


Archaeologists have stumbled upon some interesting stone carvings in Guayaquil, a remote town about 65 kilometers from the northern city of Chiclayo.

El Comercio reports that the petroglyphs were initially found two weeks ago, and included dozens of images etched in rock. Experts told El Comercio that the site is probably 3,500-4,000 years old, which indicates that its creators may have been members of the Chavín civilization.

One peculiar feature of the site is a large flat stone that has a number of carefully polished holes carved in it. According to El Comercio, this part of the site was probably an observatory, where religious authorities would have watched the skies for omens.

The site is also home to a number of bizarre images etched into the stone. One large piece, which archaeologists believe may have served as an altar, includes several anthropomorphic and zoomorphic characters. El Comercio reports that one character in particular, a humanoid figure with antennas, has attracted locals’ attention. The figure’s resemblance to popular conceptions of extraterrestrial life forms has led some to postulate that the site may have been created by ancient aliens.

However, archaeologists dismiss such claims. Carlos Elera, the director the Sicán Museum in Ferreñafe, told El Comercio that it’s likely that the figures incorporate features from a number of elements from nature. Though they may be strange, they are definitely earthly beings.

Local authorities have requested that the site be named cultural patrimony of the nation, and are pursuing funding for a full excavation of the area.Some of the carved images have led locals to believe site was created by aliens.