Antamina strike to end, new walkout to begin


Over two weeks have passed since employees of Antamina, Peru’s largest copper and zinc mine, began their strike and now the union members have decided to end their efforts by this Sunday. As previously reported, Peru’s work authorities had declared the strike illegal

We are waiting for the reply to an appeal we made to the authority in order to decide when to return to work, Jorge Juarez, secretary general of SUTRACOMASA told Reuters on Thursday. In any case, it will be, at the latest, by Sunday.

The union members, who are demanding a bonus to offset a loss in income, have already scheduled a Dec. 10 strike however. In order that the government does not issue yet another decree to hault their efforts, participating strike members plan to inform authorities beforehand.

Antamina spokesmen have commented that the strike did not slowdown production, despite the fact that over half of the mine’s workforce was involved in the Nov. 10 strike.

The mine was already having a rough performance for 2014 as it was reported that copper production had slipped some 16% in the first nine months of this year, and zinc 20%.Union members are already making plans for December after strike ends.