Apega connects farmers with buyers through new platform


Peruvian farmers are now more digitally available to purchasers in Peru and abroad, thanks to a new platform launched by the Peruvian Gastronomy Society (Apega).

Apega created the online business platform “El Gran Mercado” (The Big Market) geared toward enabling farmers and producers of Peru to offer their crops to potential buyers.

The platform already counts 42 producers who have received offers from buyers abroad.

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“Since it came into operation on Feb. 15, the website has been receiving purchasing intentions, especially from marketers interested in exporting products such as parsnips, bananas, soursop, olluco, avocado, quinoa and tree tomato. From this list, the buyers were contacted with products to start negotiations,” said Apega, according to _El Comercio_.

However, the platform’s services don’t stop at serving as a digital market. Apega has included in its framework, a network of specialists to provide advice to farmers on the negotiation process.

Apega expects that in the coming weeks the number of products and participating farmers will increase.



Hillary Ojeda

Hillary moved to Peru in August of 2014 to learn Spanish, live with her family, and pursue writing. Born and raised in Bakersfield, Ca, Hillary earned her B.A. in Anthropology at University of California, Berkeley. Since moving to Peru she drinks fermented potato and coca concoctions daily and is enjoying learning about the abundant and natural andean foods of the country. Hillary hopes one day to become an investigative journalist. You can follow her blog.