Reported damages from Friday Arequipa earthquake continue rising


The number of homes damaged and people affected from Friday’s earthquake in Caylloma, Arequipa continue rising.

Since the 5.5 grade earthquake struck the Colca Valley in Caylloma, Arequipa, Civil Defense authorities have declared 24 homes inhabitable and 104 others with structural damages in five districts, reports “Peru21”:http://peru21.pe/actualidad/arequipa-crece-cifra-casas-colapsadas-sismo-caylloma-2239647.

Additionally, the region suffers road blockages due to heavy rains that provoked mudslides last night.

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The Regional Office of Civil Defense announced that since they’ve conducted an investigation after the earthquakes, 52 people are homeless and 297 have been affected.

And as for the mudslides, the heavy rains alarmed the local population and have caused transportation issues for tourists heading to Colca Canyon according to _Peru21_.

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