Arequipa: Protestors throw eggs and garbage at congressional offices


>About a thousand of Peruvians took to the streets of Arequipa on Sunday, to protest an increase in congressional stipends.

The protestors gathered outside the offices of Arequipa’s representatives – Ana María Solórzano, Juan Carlos Eguren, Justiniano Apaza, and Tomás Zamudio – and proceeded to throw eggs and garbage at the building.

The protest comes after the announcement of an > increase to congressional representatives’ “representation stipend”, and would see the monthly allowance double from 7,000 soles to 15,000 soles – in addition to their monthly salary.

"This is the response of Arequipa to the increase of these expenses,” said Jorge del Carpio, president of the People’s Popular Assembler of Arequipa, to Peru21.

“It seems unfair because retirees, teachers, doctors and police receive ridiculous amounts."

According to El Comercio, protestors also set fire to a symbol of the congressional building.

Last month, President of Congress Victor Isla said the increase was not “a popular measure, but a necessary one, in order to strengthen representation.”

"We don’t consider [the amount]to be excessive, Peru is so big, and what we need is for lawmakers to reach all places,” Isla said.

Although congressional representatives are not legally required to explain what the money is being used for, some have made the information public.

Besides traveling to other provinces, some lawmakers have said they use the money for social work, workshops, or to buy presents.

Congresswoman Carmen Omonte said she has used her representation allowance to organize seminars, and to give Christmas gifts to children in her home region of Huánuco.

About a thousand of protestors in Arequipa, took to the outside of the region’s congressional representatives’ offices.