Ask Sadie: What do I do with this stray cat?


_Hi Sadie,_

_I’ve noticed that you’re kind of a pet guru, so I thought I’d throw this one at you:_

_I have two cats. Lately, however, a third cat, a stray as far as we can tell, has been hanging around my house– he’s not aggressive at all, he’s actually quite sweet. He’s not scared of humans and seems to want cuddles._

_He used to only come around every now and then to eat out of our cat’s dishes and drink some water, but at this point he’s coming every day and keeps sneaking into the house no matter how much I discourage it. When I woke up yesterday morning, I found him sleeping at my feet!_

_The thing is that I really can’t have another cat. As much as I’d like to keep him, my housemates are justifiably worried about the thought of yet another feline companion. What can I do, Sadie? He’s an adult cat, and people aren’t always keen on adopting adults instead of kittens, so I’m worried that an adoption campaign would prove fruitless._

_Thanks for help!_

_Future Crazy Cat Lady_

Dear Future Crazy Cat Lady,

It looks like you have a bit of a problem. The stray cat that keeps coming into your home is probably looking for some companionship, and you and your cats seem to be a perfect fit.

As you said you seem to think that the cat is a stray, but what if it isn’t? I would suggest that the first thing you do is take a picture of the cat and put posters up around your neighbor and see if anyone claims the cat.

After you have done this and no one comes to claim the cat as his or hers, I would say the best thing you can do for the cat is to ask a friend to adopt it or take a picture of the cat and put it on Asociacion Patitas Facebook page. This page is all about adopting and finding loving homes for animals I’m sure that in no time this cat will find a perfect home.

Also because this is a potential stray cat that is coming into your home and is around your other cats and on your bed, I would highly recommend getting some anti-flea medication for it so your cats and yourself don’t end up with a bunch of unwanted fleas.

I hope this helps, and good luck!


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One reader asks Sadie what she should do with a unexpected house guest.