Restaurant uprooted to expose Peruvian roots


Having closed the doors to their French-inspired fine dining experience in the tourist filled district Miraflores, Peru’s gastronomic ambassador Gastón Arcurio and his top-chef partner and wife Astrid will soon open the doors to a new era that brings the restaurant back to its Peruvian roots.

Moving to the business district of San Isidro the new location is the result of an alliance between the culinary duo and one of Lima’s oldest families – the Moreyra family.

Fruit of a 25-year alliance signed with the Moreyra family, the US$6 million project will see Lima’s internationally-known original Astrid&Gastón restaurant – the couples’ first restaurant venture and one of Peru’s first real fine dining experiences – moving into one of the country’s oldest hacienda homes – Casa Hacienda Moreyra.

“The house serves as a link between the past and the future,” Gaston said while giving a private tour of the new location.

The décor is modern and light – with accents of the past – thanks to a US$2 million renovation.

Unlike the couple’s original venture created in 1994, the new location is much more than a restaurant – it is heaven.

Not just because of the blissful pleasure Gastón and Astrid´s food is bound to bring each of their guests, nor for the adjoining chapel at the Hacienda location – which Gastón said will not be converted – Gastón and his team have actually incorporated heaven, or “cielo” into their new experience.

One of six specialized spaces – only one being the restaurant area based on the couple’s original venture – Astrid&Gastón will now be offering personalized and private culinary experiences.

“You might want to organize an event where you can travel from coast to mountain,” Gastón gave as an example. “We will make that happen.”

“Or perhaps you are wondering what Peruvian cuisine will be like in 2050,” – another dream the Astrid&Gastón team are eager to make a reality for you upon your request in one of their Cielo rooms.

But this new center is not just about making our dreams a reality in the present, the future is in its hands as well.

An area dedicated exclusively to the investigation of culinary innovation will make use of the lush and diverse garden greeting guests as they arrive – diversification being one of the components to Peru´s gastronomic success, Gastón told Peru this Week.

And what would be a future of culinary innovation without the innovators to keep that ball rolling – so Astrid, Gastón, and their team have dedicated the remaining areas to education, training, and demonstrations aimed at children, adults, and the elderly.

Every component of Astrid and Gastón’s creation pulls in the past, present, and future, making not only their own dreams a reality but aiding to make millions of others’ dreams come true as well – whether it be through culinary experiences or the education and knowledge to follow in Gastón’s entrepreneurial and innovative footsteps.

The new location is scheduled to be inaugurated this weekend with its first group of young students partaking in the center´s first educational session, as well as a series of soft openings arranged for world-class chefs, writers, and personalities from around the world invited to join Astrid, Gaston and their team in the celebration of its opening.

The main restaurant will boast a similar menu to that of the previous location, with a seasonal tasting menu that changes every six months. Guests with a lighter wallet are welcome to visit the new location’s bar where the Astrid&Gastón team has created a more economic menu, that will reflect the daily catch and produce fresh in stock.

The official opening is still a few weeks off, as the team puts together the final touches.

*Tiffany Grabski is a reporter and writer for SNL Financial Metals Economics Group, previously a mining correspondent for BNamericas. You can get in touch with her via her “LinkedIn”: account.*