Authorities pledge tighter security at Nasca lines after illegal activities threaten site


Culture and legal authorities are taking action against people who have illegally encroached on the protected areas of the Nasca lines archaeological site and the pampas of Jumana.

According to La Republica, a number of recent incidents have endangered the famous site of the Nasca lines. The paper reports that illegal land trafficking, unauthorized construction of homes, and even illegal mining activities have threatened the site.

A communique released by the Ministry of Culture states that “The fight against invaders and informal miners is a complex task that involves not only the Culture sector, but also the National Police, the Public Ministry, local authorities, and the general population.”

“[T]he Ministry of Culture has been working with authorities on inspections, writing technical memos, and the timely filing of legal complaints about [damage to]the protected area,” the memo adds. La Republica has reported that the Ministry of Culture has filed two legal complaints regarding the Nasca and Jumana areas so far in 2014. After illegal land trafficking, mining, and houses got too close to the famous geoglyphs, Peruvian culture authorities are promising to take action.



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