BCR announces new S/ 5 coin


Peru’s National Reserve bank (BCR) announced they will introduce and begin circulating the new 5 soles coin as of yesterday, Wednesday, October 19. The new design will include the name of the current currency (Sol, instead of Nuevo Sol) and new security characteristics to prevent counterfeiting.

The back of the coin has Peru’s seal prominently in the middle. Around it the text “Banco Central de Reserva del Perú,” and the year it was issued.

On the reverse side of the coin, a number five and the “Ave Fragata” (Fregatidae) allusive to the famous Nazca Lines. Beside the number five there are a set of eight vertical zigzag lines. Outside the inner-circle, the text “PERU” is also repeated eight times. In the bottom figure the word “SOLES” was added under the logo of the National Mint.

This coin is now officially in circulation and will be accepted with the current S/ 5 coin.



Alvaro Tassano