Beauty Pageant Contestants List Violence Against Women Statistics (VIDEO)


Instead of listing their bust, waist and hip measurements, each contestant took the opportunity to highlight statistics about femicide and domestic violence in Peru.

During the last part of the competition, the contestants decided to speak out and give measurements on what really matters to them instead of divulging information about their body size. 

These were the statements spoken out by the contestants:

The first contestant said: “My name is Carmila Canicoba and I represent the Lima region and my measurements are 2,012 cases of femicide were reported in the last nine years in my country.”

The second one added: “My name is Luciana Fernandez and I represent the city of Guanacu. My measurements are 13,000 girls suffer from sexual harassment in our country.”

Then a third contestant told the audience: “Greetings, Almendra Marroquin, I represent Lima. My measurements are more than 90 percent of teenagers are abused in their educational centers.”

And then the last one added: “My name is Noelia Castro and I represent the department of La Libertad, and my measurements are the 300 homicides occurred in our country this year.”

Violence against women has become a serious issue in Peru. In this article, you can check out the rise in reported cases of violence against women during this current year.

Speaking out and protesting against violence has become a trend; a great example is the popular campaign “Ni una menos” looking to promote the cessation of violence against women. In this article, you can read more about the campaign.

Do you think the beauty pageant contestants made the right move in bringing up this topic in this way?


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