The Best National Cocktails will be at Mistura 2017


Bars from Lima, Huacho, Huánuco, Cusco, and Lunahuaná will offer their best cocktails based on pisco and some other remarkable drinks at this year’s food festival Mistura 2017.

Visitors will also find refreshing and healthy drinks prepared with indigenous and ancestral products.

Will there be something more delicious than Peruvian food? Yes, having a delicious dish with a refreshing drink to form an intimate and harmonious union. This pleasant union will be one of the attractions of Mistura’s tenth edition that will offer the best drinks and cocktails made with national products.

This year we will have new stands like the one brought by the Medicinal Bar which, despite not carrying alcohol, manages to elevate us with the intense flavors of her infusions made with ancestral herbs and with properties that benefit health. From Huacho, Estación 8 will bring drinks based on traditional liqueurs. From Huánuco comes La Shacteria, with amazing cocktails based on sugarcane like the Shucopolitan, its own version of the well-known Cosmopolitan, made with macerated coca.

Pisco always has a place in the fair and this anniversary edition is no exception.

That is why from Lunahuana arrives La Cabañita del Cura that comes with his famous cremolada based on pisco. Pisco Museum will bring us its strong Chilcano Viagra, made with chuchuhuasi and macerated maca.

Like every year you can find the best selection of drinks in Mistura, which runs from October 26 to November 5 at the club El Revólver del Rimac. Tickets are on sale at all Teleticket ticket offices.

Medical Bar

It was born less than two years ago as a stand at the Barranco fair and now has its own premises, where they promote the consumption of Peruvian ancestral plants and teach people to take advantage of their health benefits. Its creator, Jorge Zea, says that they use more than 80 herbs from Ayacucho, Cusco, Huancayo and other areas of the country, such as Luisa grass, coca leaf and more. Its main attraction for Mistura 2017 will be fruity infusions with different flavors.


A group of businessmen decided to partner to promote pisco among the more than one thousand tourists who they received daily and so they created Ayahuasca in 2008. This place, located in Barranco, has already participated in Mistura in previous years. For this time they will carry Ayahuasca Sour, their most important drink, a combination of pisco macerated in coca leaf, aguaymanto, and other ingredients.

Estación 8

It seeks to promote gastronomic culture in Huaura and Huacho, along with its main drinks such as the icing and sour orange macerated in pisco. Owner Jorge Meza points out that his love for cooking and for his land has been forged since childhood because of his mother – who was his inspiration – was one of the main promoters of tourism in their area. Estación 8 will arrive at Mistura with its main cocktails: El Embrujo huachano, Sol y Sombra y Sour de chinda.


It was born in 1975, when Mr. Rafael Chang, father of the current owner, took its place. Mr. Chang already had experience in bars, since a very young age, he helped his family in a well-known bar in the Center. Jammbuche aims to exploit pisco as a national flavor, being its main attraction among its customers.

The Cure’s Cottage

This place opened in 2003. According to its creator, José Rodríguez, in front of this cabin is the Cerro El Cura and, from time to time, this priest went down to eat in the cabin. This family business has as main objective to promote pisco of this zone with typical drinks like pisco sour, chilcano, among others.

La Shacteria

It arrives from Huánuco to conquer us with its elaborated drinks based on shacta and products from the region. La Shacteria is characterized by its creativity as it has tropicalized drinks and cocktails known worldwide. Thus, they have mojitos that they take from a leaf of chincho and the Shucopolitan, his version of the Cosmopolitan with macerated coca.

Captain Meléndez

Roberto Meléndez opened the Capitán Meléndez bar in honor to his father, Don Felipe “El Chino” Meléndez, who was a bartender in the 1940s at the Hotel Maury and the Grand Hotel Bolivar, personally attending famous international figures who visited Lima during those years, like John Wayne, Ava Gardner, Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”, among others.

Pisco Museum

Founded five years ago in Cusco by Adam Winetraub, who wanted to put the pisco in a showcase to the world. He was associated with Werner Caballero and now they have two more locales, apart from the one located in Cusco, in Arequipa and Lima. Their main interest is to teach Peruvians and foreigners how to drink pisco.

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