Best Paid University Careers in Peru


The average monthly income of the best-paid university careers is between S / 1,800 and S / 6,200.

Universities in Peru have gained a lot of importance. Chilean universities are working together with Peruvian universities. Also, there are 3 Peruvian universities in the top 100 universities in Latin America.

The website “Ponte en Carrera”, of the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion, announced which are the highest paid university careers in Peru among young people from 18 to 29 years old. According to the updated list, the best-paid career is Medicine, with an average income of S / 4,157 for young doctors who graduated between 2011 and 2015, followed by Telecommunications Engineering, with an average monthly salary of S / 4,149.

In third place, it is possible to see Political Sciences, with an average income of S / 4,141, Electrical Engineering with S / 4,108, Geology with S / 4,037 and Civil Engineering with an average income of S / 3,873.

In the seventh position is the Mining Engineering, Metallurgy, and Petroleum, with an average income of S / 3,820, followed by Other Management Courses with S / 3,810, Industrial Engineering with S / 3,790 and Mechanical Engineering with an income of S / 3,722 monthly in average.

While the lowest paid careers are Initial and Primary Education, with S / 1,591 and S / 1,673 monthly.

Have you studied or do you want to study any of these university careers?

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