Black Friday! Buy Peruvian!


This worldwide day is when sellers decide to give great discounts on merchandise.

Before buying anything you should know very well every item. Once you find the offer you want to take advantage of, you must ensure that the money you saved on the item is not lost bringing the product to Peru.

Not many stores have shipments to Peru but there are several companies that are experts in shipping to Peru, these are some of the ones you can buy from:


This store is connected to the servers of Amazon, eBay, Best Buy and other stores in the USA. Once the product has been chosen, eshopex will assign you an address to be used as a shipping address. After this, it will be a matter of days until the product arrives at your home.

At you have millions of products from the best brands and most important stores in the United States. They have the entire catalog of Amazon, eBay and Walmart available. Through this platform, they send you the product by a postal service (Courier type) so that you receive it at the door of your house.


It is a shopping facilitator where clients from all over the world pay a membership to have a suite number with a physical address in the United States and Europe for their purchases online. This allows all products purchased by customers to be delivered by SkyBOX directly to your home or office, in any country in the world.


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