Peru this Week and Living in Peru Editorial Policy


The editorial team at Peru this Week and Living in Peru feel that honesty with our readers is of the utmost importance. With that, and with some upcoming changes, in mind, we’d like to make clear some of the editorial and commercial policies that we follow at Peru this Week.

The establishments, products, and services published on Peru this Week are picked by the editorial team. Everything that we recommend is because we’ve tried it and were pleased with it. Peru this Week does not accept money in exchange for the recommendation of establishments, products, or services.

*Bloggers and writers*
We publish blogs and the occasional one-off article by guest writers. As a ‘thank you’ for their work for us, we offer to link to the writers’ website and/or blog. There is no commercial aspect to articles written by guest writers and Peru this Week does not accept money to publish these articles or to link to their website: we publish their articles because we believe it will add value to our readers’ experience on the site.

*Food and hotel reviews*
Most of our food reviews (and the occasional hotel review) are the result of an invitation by restaurant owners. In most cases, our reviewers are not anonymous and are not asked to pay for their meals. However, the reviews reflect the writers’ honest opinion of the establishment. Peru this Week does not accept money for favorable reviews.

*Media partnerships*
Every so often, when an event is a big deal that we think our readers should know about, we will become their media partners to cover the event more completely. There is no commercial aspect to these partnerships. Peru this Week does not accept money to partner with an event.

*Branded Content*
From time to time you will see an article labelled ‘sponsored article’ – these are articles paid for by our clients, but are not about our clients. They are written by our writers about topics and places we think will interest you. Branded content is clearly labelled as such in the subheading and body of each article. We don’t publish advertorials.

*Publishing content from other sites*
We have permission to use material published in El Comercio and on Andina, Peru’s state news agency. Any promotion of third party commercial partners is completely accidental.

We choose our commercial partners carefully. We want to work with companies that gel with Peru this Week’s mission and values.

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