Saturday Morning Green Juice with the Editor


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Good Morning!

This weekend I have the pleasure to greet you. Big things are happening here at Living in Peru as we are planning to extend our coverage to all 7 days of the week! Let me introduce to you Jim Kilon, the founder of the Change for New Hope , an NGO that has reached thousands of children living in destitution in Peru. He will be writing the Sunday edition of the newsletter sharing good stories of humanitarian work being done by those hidden heroes who go that extra mile even when no one else is watching, to help another. The tendency to focus on the negative in the world, especially in the media biz, leads to a bombardment of all that is wrong and fearful in the world and all too often, not what is going well. We all need a little inspiration sometimes or a reminder that there is constant good in this world and that we too can be a larger contributor to it. Sundays are traditionally a day of rest and reflection, preparing ourselves for the week ahead, and what not a better way than to start off the day by reading a feel good, and inspiring story of Hope.

In other good news, I have recently begun a small project called Pansana – Made Better, with my partner selling healthy and decadent banana bread with maca and chia to our neighbors in the Miraflores district (we deliver on bikes!). It has been such a thrill to work side by side with my partner, developing the idea, learning how to run a start-up from home and ensuring that the mission of our product 'œchanging people's idea of what it is to eat healthy one bread at a time', is transmitted. Flow is an important concept to me, and the past few weekends and weeknights spent together working on the project has had us in a constantly shared flow. Hours pass by without our noticing, we stay up later and get up earlier, and with the same amount of energy as before because we are inspired.

We had so much fun with the bread’s photo shoot. Remember, its all about the lighting! (Photo: Hope Ansanelli/ Living in Peru)

We ourselves have been on a long journey of health and wellness and learning how to keep that lifestyle sustainable. We love food and we knew that the only way to continue loving it was to eat delicious food that made us feel good and powerful and not sluggish. We started educating ourselves on the ingredients listed on labels, always keeping an eye out for sugar in products that certainly either do not need it or could be supplemented with honey or stevia. We are lucky enough to have pink sal de maras as a replacement for traditional salt, whole wheat for white flour etc, and this is how we have progressed.

When we cannot find a product easily in the supermarket, we find the raw ingredients and add our own touch (replacing sugar with honey etc). One time I was craving chocolate mousse, so I googgled a bit, used my already stocked up knowledge and made the most decadent dark chocolate mousse made from raw cacao, panela, vanilla bean, and avocado. Then just last week we were craving Indian food but never liked the way we felt after eating it out at the restaurants, even though it is delicious at the time. So we made our own Chicken Tikka Masala with ingredients we trust and from scratch whole wheat naan bread. Words cannot describe the taste!

When we create plates like this we always look at each other and ask the same question, why can´t all food be this way!? You could counter and say that it is cost prohibited, but if you do some research and take the time, you will find that it does not have to be more expensive. And like the saying goes, better to pay the bill to your grocery clerk than to the medical doctor, which definitely rings true for us. I cannot remember the last time we got sick!

Our very first sale! (Photo: Hope Ansanelli/ Living in Peru)

What are your opinions on this? Do you have a health hack that you'd like to share? Or are you involved in a small start-up or have a success or failure story to share with the LiP community? One thing I truly love is learning from others and their experiences so please feel free to send me your stories at ha@livinginperu.com, or comment them below so that we can all enjoy and learn from each other! Have an incredible weekend; remember that a smile on your face not only changes the mood of those around you but yours too! Want an extra easy health tip? Right now wherever you are, take the deepest inhale and exhale you have taken all day.

Until next time,




A native of Long Island, New York, Hope joins our team after finishing up her two year Peace Corp's service working in community-based environmental resource management in northern Peru and Master's degree in Environmental Studies. Passionate about life and living it beyond limits, Hope loves to teach and practice Yoga, cook healthy home-made recipes and explore the world with her loved ones.