Sunday Morning Special with Mr. Humanitarian


Jim Killion

Getting There from Here

Try to imagine running a marathon race looking backward the whole time. Every tree and pole ahead become a dangerous obstacle. There are other people ahead of you that you could trip over. You could get seriously hurt, yet people live their lives every day looking over their shoulders, at the past, the long ago victories and tragedies. This week, let's take a closer look at how to master that elusive but necessary quality of life if we are ever to reach our goals: the art of focus.

Though it sounds simple enough, focusing is something many find to be an elusive attribute. You may have a goal, a vision, and a dream you want to see accomplished. Somehow it gets blurred and seems to get farther away each day. More immediate are the distractions all around you. Some are inevitable, the children, the job requirements or your spouse’s needs of attention. Others are self-induced. Those are the devious distractions that we can control and that cause our goals to go out of focus and fade. Consider how much time you spend watching television, tinkering on social media and video games. If we deliberately limit our time tinkering, we actually improve the quality of our lives and start doing what serves us, our families and community. It becomes a choice.

The other insidious distraction is floating around in our own minds. The past. Whether we think about the tragedies that we encountered and endured or the victories we remember fondly, we forget out futures by living in the past. I had a friend back in the States that was an amateur golden glove champion boxer at the age of nineteen. At forty-five he was still reliving his '



Jim Killon

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