Sunday Morning Special with Mr. Humanitarian


Jim Killion

I Like Bananas but I am no Monkey

When I began Changes for New Hope back in 2009, I was not sure exactly what form the project would morph into. I had the general idea that the destitution found among the children would be eliminated where I could address it. With each passing week the lines were colored in and the project was more clearly defined as to what we needed to be doing. The children themselves were the best teachers to show me what their needs were in each growing group. Then there was Valeria.

Valeria was one of the sweetest little children among our Secsecpampa group. Getting to Secsecpampa was a workout. After a short combie ride, we would trek up the side of a mountain whose path was a series of narrow muddy paths with long drops to the hard ground below, washed out rocky gorges, as we pulled ourselves along using exposed root systems. I am quite sure that mountainside gets higher with every passing year. I take more breaks now than I did years ago.

A few of the Secsecpampa kids, Valeria on the far right

When she was just a little five year old, wide eyed curious newcomer, she told me something that amazed me. '



Jim Killon

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