Top ten countries for females working abroad

A new survey has been released by InterNations that reveals the top destinations for females working abroad. Did Peru make this cut?

The latest survey to come out from InterNations, the largest international community for people who live and work abroad, is a yet to be published top ranking of countries for females working abroad.

The ranking captures over 6,000 female expats opinions over both emotional topics and factual aspects of their lives abroad. Interestingly enough, InterNations found that a female’s top motive for relocating was for a job (46%), followed by accompanying their partner (33%), and seeking an adventure (25%).

In total, the survey reached over 14,300 expats of 174 different nationalities, living in 191 different countries or territories around the world. It should be noted that males’ numbers vary in almost every single category and index throughout the survey. The participants were asked basic demographic information as well as to rate and give information on 43 different aspects of an expats life abroad. The responses were bundled into 16 subcategories, using the mean of the values to construct five topical indexes: Quality of life, Ease of Settling In, Working Abroad, Family Life, Personal Finance, and Cost of Living. That information was then further averaged to create a ranking of 67 expatriate destinations.

Results from the 2016 survey put Taiwan in first, followed by Malta, Ecuador, Mexico, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Australia, Austria, Luxembourg, and the Czech Republic.

This year’s top ten countries rankings are out, putting Luxembourg in first place. The factors that weighed most heavily on female workers abroad were job security, economic stability of the country, and personal safety. The next major factor was the balance between work and life.

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The top ten destinations for females working abroad:

1.Luxemburg: Coming in at first place, this little landlocked country in Western Europe offers Female expats working abroad strong job security, a healthy economy and personal safety and security. It also came up on top for the Working Abroad Index for all survey respondents (female and male alike).

2.Taiwan: With its highly skilled and educated workforce, this country in Eastern Asia offers female expat workers better job prospects and satisfaction with their current position when compared to the global average. When comparing job satisfaction, 86% of female expat workers state satisfaction while only 62% globally report satisfaction.

3.Germany: The second most immigrated-to country in the world, comes in at a very steady third. Female expat workers not only feel positive about the state of the economy, political stability, personal safety and security but also for job prospects.

4.Hungary: Although a high-income economy with a high standard of living, it is not the money that makes these female expats happy. On average, the female expat worker actually makes less in Hungary than they would in their home countries. It comes in second for the job and career and work-life balance subcategories, proving that a high quality of life overrules high pay for female workers abroad. Men had very different results, rating Hungary as the 36th best country to work in.

5.Bahrain: The third smallest nation in Asia and island country, offers female expat workers a friendly and easy to transition to lifestyle and culture. Coming in among the top countries for job security and satisfaction and positive work-life balance, this country provides an overall high quality of living for female working expats.

6.Australia: With its amazing climate and strong economy, it’s no wonder that this country comes in as the second highest rated in the human development index worldwide. For female expat workers, the quality of life and availability of leisure activities, makes three in 10 expat women happy as compared to the global average of only 17% women satisfied with their work-life balance.

7.Ecuador: The only country on the list from Latin American and it is not because of Ecuador´s growing middle-income economy (the economy actually worries working female expats). On average, 29% of female expat workers make less here than they would at home, well above the global average of 14%. They come in at first, however, in the quality of life index, with 84% of working female expats feeling fully satisfied with the work-life balance (compare that to the global average of 60%).

8.New Zealand: Even though it was the last country to be civilized by humans due to its remoteness, it has become a beloved expat destination. Not only did the participants state that they could spend the rest of their lives there, 77% say that the work-life balance and ease of adjusting to the culture significantly increases their quality of life.

9. Norway: Referred to as one of the most beautiful countries on earth, Norway offers female expats a higher income than they would make at home. This however, did not help to off-set the working expat female’s quality of life; only 66% felt happy living here compared to the global average of 78% of working women living happily abroad.

10.Denmark: Not only do the Danes enjoy the high standard of living here, but so do the working female expats. Although they have one of the most competitive economies in the world, females working abroad here rated the country low in the job and career subcategory as well as in job security. However, the 39-hour work week helps to balance out their overall quality of life.

Even though the majority of the countries found on this list are located in Europe, Europe also has some of the worst rated countries for female expats to work in. This is due to the perception of unstable economies and depressed view of career prospects. The same can be found in Latin America and in the Gulf countries.

How do you see Peru stacking up to the top ten? Ladies and gentleman, we want to hear from you. Please tell us about your experience below in the comment section or email editor@livinginperu.com