Bolivia Mar, the Beach That Peru Gave to Bolivia, Has Been Abandoned for 26 Years


The 5-kilometer-long beach is a deserted area today.

It was presented in 1992 as the “return” of Bolivia to the sea: a five-kilometer strip in Peru that Bolivia could use for 99 years. BBC World visited it more than two decades later and this is what we found.”, you can read today in El Comercio.

This agreement was signed by the then Peruvian president, Alberto Fujimori, and his Bolivian counterpart, Jaime Paz Zamora, whose image in the water with his pants rolled up is still used by sympathizers and detractors of the idea.

Back then, politicians enumerated several possibilities of this piece of land, such as cargo terminals, hotels, and factories, but the reality is that today it is only a dessert.

“The concession, it was said, would serve to reduce commercial ties with the Chilean ports of Iquique and Arica, where Bolivia enters and dispatches most of its merchandise”, according to El Comercio.

David Herrada, named in 2017 Bolivian consul in the Peruvian city of Ilo, thought that converting this area into the main point of entry and exit of products from his country was going to be a simple task. But, shortly after settling in his new office, he realized that his expectations were not going to be met.

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