Breakfast in Barranco: The top three spots for the most important meal of the day


In the mood to start the day off right? Then El Comercio has done the work for you by finding three breakfast spots in Lima’s bohemian district, the always welcoming Barranco.

This locale is perfect for enjoying a meal with friends or relaxing in casual and homey surroundings solo, writes El Comercio. Six months ago, Las Vecinas Eco Bar painstakingly worked to create the right environment for its guests. Now this restaurant pairs funky with fresh for a unique dining experience. Also, it’s one of the few places in Lima that gets the very America tradition of brunch. Enjoy it on Sundays for S/.30.

WHERE TO GO: Jr. Colina 108, Barranco.

Tea is the protagonist of this place which boasts a picturesque terrace. La Bodega Verde offers more than 40 varieties of tea, El Commercio notes. Most of them are cultivated right here in Peru, coming from the Sacred Valley in Cusco. The must try dish? El Comercio says it’s the “Mixto Andino,” a dish comprised of Andean artisan ciabatta bread topped with ham and Cajamarca cheese and lucuma juice to wash it down with.

WHERE TO GO: Jr. Sucre 335, Barranco.

If you are a true coffee aficionado, this place is for you. El Comercio points out that Tostaduría Bisetti takes its coffee creations seriously. The café has its specialty down to a science, using only high quality beans, roasting procedures and methods of preparing the perfect bold drip, frothy cappuccino or other caffeinated concoction.

WHERE TO GO: Pedro de Osma 116, Barranco.

*Terra Hall is a journalist living in Lima, Peru. View more of her work at “www.TerraHall.com”:http://www.terrahall.com.*