Breaking News: Court suspends military draft


Lima´s First Constitutional Court responded to a request presented by the country’s Public Defender, and ordered a suspension of the military draft that was scheduled for tomorrow morning.

In a court document released this morning, Judge David Suárez Burgos stated that forcible recruiting 12,500 new soldiers, would discriminate against a large section of Peru’s population. It also questions the validity of the draft as a measure to fill the ranks of the military.

“The military has not shown enough proof to warrant putting young people in immediate danger,” the document says. “The draft can potentially discriminate against a significant group of people who, because of poverty, may face unfavorable treatment under the law.”

The court document refers to the $700 penalty that could be paid in lieu of military service.

The Court went on to say that involuntary recruitment into the armed forces by way of a draft is illegal under Peruvian law.

However, the court document also makes it clear that this decision is a prilimanary one, which can be overturned and appealed at a future date.

Peruvian President Ollanta Humala, who approved the law two weeks ago, and the Ministry of Defense have said that they regret the Court’s ruling, but will respect the it’s decision to suspend the draft. Court suspends military draft